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Read the amazing backstory of "Divorce Vows" and discover how a woman with a successful 23 year marriage was inspired to write the "new definition of divorce."

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12 Guidelines that bring hope & peace
to those in struggling relationships

"In this book Edie Sangiorgio brings us tools for transforming our relationships in divorce situations.

I know the principles in the book are true, as my former husband and I live what she talks about.

Beginning as friends, then a marriage of 16 years, and 12 years  being divorced, we now have the best friendship we've ever had.

With the principles in Edie's book anyone can have peace in any relationship." 

Judy Sabah, MCC, PMC, Author, Professional Speaker, Coach

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Discover how to:  

  • Approach your relationship with a spiritual perspective.
  • Transform a failed marriage into a successful divorce.
  • Save money by using collaborative law or mediation.
  • Determine if your marriage can or should be saved.
  • Protect your children from the trauma of a broken family.
  • Release pain, feelings of failure, guilt and even rage.
  • Use your divorce as an opportunity to heal and grow.

    Are you ready to move beyond the pain?
    Do you want a fulfilling relationship?

    Start now! Wherever you are --with the heartfelt intentions in this book.

    Edie Sangiorgio is a certified divorce mediator. She has been married 24 years and is the mother of three teenage children and three adult step-children. She lives in Northern Colorado.